What our clients say about working with us

“I worked alongside Sharon. She worked client-side and I represented the supplier. Her project-management skills for implementing a complex, systems-orientated and culture-changing programme of work was outstanding, as was her ability to manage multiple workstreams and stakeholders. Throughout our time working together, Sharon demonstrated a deep understanding of the culture within the organisation and thus was able to ensure a relatively smooth implementation with a bespoke communications plan built around the culture and the tone of the organisation. Her PM skills are excellent, as is her ability to manage the bigger picture and the detail simultaneously. A first-class change agent with extensive HR knowledge.”

Paul Sharpe, managing director, InterQuest

“Sharon worked for me for a year. She is very capable and has extensive knowledge of her subject. Perhaps more importantly, she really spends time getting to know her clients – understanding the history and the culture of the business, and ensuring that what she does, and how she does it, is appropriate. She is personable and enthusiastic and very much a team player, working to ensure collective rather than individual success.”

Former HRD, Asset Management


Whilst with us, Sharon provided a pragmatic, business-focused, commercial approach to development with a good grounding in the fundamentals of HR which I think is a rare commodity in a specialist Learning and Development person. Sharon’s particular strengths are in internal communications and being quick to understand what the business needs. Her thinking is driven by what is right for the business rather than coming in and rolling out what she has done elsewhere.”

 Current HRD, Global Financial Services Business