It’s obvious to say that coaching is very different from training.

A trained coach gives you a professional, independent perspective and informed insight.

As a coach, I enjoy the challenge of helping senior managers and business leaders  develop their skills, abilities and talents to enhance their careers and business effectiveness.

I specialise in career coaching and developing managerial and leadership skills.

Coaching can help you….

  • enhance your existing skills.
  • get a clearer picture of your strengths, your blind spots and help you develop your full potential.
  • prepare for a new senior role; new challenges; or a change in direction or career.

Selecting coaches or knowing what to do when you hire a coach can be a challenge. I can help you select a coach or provide coaches that match your individual or business needs.

My approach to coaching is the same as my approach to consultancy and interim management. I’m passionate about delivering clear, professional and focused support.

I start where you are and support you to get to where you want or need to be.  I follow the ICF coaching code of conduct.