We can do it!

It was over 15 years ago that I resigned, picked a company name, created a strapline, bought a domain name and had a logo designed for my business card.

21 interim assignments, 18 clients and 11 sectors later, I’m still here!  Where did the time go?

When I left, I was naive about running a business and probably didn’t fully appreciate what I’d started. I wanted to be an interim, and wasn’t quite sure what one was. Early on I found this. It’s a definition I keep returning to:

 “Interim Managers are a senior level, external resource working short-term. They have a proven track record, a depth of experience to draw from and are experienced at solving complex problems and delivering solutions to business critical issues fast”.

Association of Professional Interims

I often say we’ve a consultant skills set with an execution mindset, although I’m aware this might offend management consultants!

And over the years I’ve got used to explaining what interims are and what we do.

It took time to articulate.

It took time and courage to put myself out there and talk about it. Now I’ve a few podcasts and blogs under my belt. Now I’ve gained the confidence that comes from running and growing a global networking community for people who run businesses like mine. 1300 members and counting.

I love the connections I’ve made. I love to do my bit to spread the word on what good interims can bring to client businesses.

So when people ask me what I do for a living I say….. I founded Chiara Consultancy, a business that helps clients, change, innovate and maximise the power of their people.  I work on change projects with a focus on the human, technical, comms. and engagement.

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